Resolite CR-RFM resistant sheet was designed to provide a lighting able to support a classification with fire approval form Factory Mutual for walls, roofs and ceiling applications without requiring sprinklers protection. These resistant sheets were proved by the Factory Mutual Investigation Center and have passed Corner Test of Factory Mutual, both for 25’ as for 50’ feet. Both were conducted in clears of minimum 1.82 m (6’0”) to simulate real world conditions. According to the FM 4880 standard, the Resolite RFM resistant sheet has been approved for a use without restrictions as wall or roof without height limitations or spray protection. Resolite RFM resistant sheet also reached the Wind Suction Classification I-90 and passed the Factory Mutual tests of severe hail risks. Summarizing, Resolite’s sheets 11, 14 and 17 has accomplished the ASTM E 108 and has accomplish a Class B classification with a maximum slope on the ceiling of 3 in 12. The isolated system of Resolite RFM resistant sheet was also approved and also complies with the approval requirements FMRC Class 4453/4420.