Steeliner puts within reach of the body industry the best plastic sheets for dry and refrigerated boxes, specially manufactured with global technology for transportation professionals. Stabilit offers reliability and resistance of its products, able to satisfy the strictest needs of the national and international markets. All the presentations of Steeliner’s plastic sheets are made with polyester resin of the highest quality and a high fiberglass content, providing the product with excellent mechanical strength.
Steeliner plastic sheets require low maintenance and have the international recognition of the USDA.

Steeliner has a wide variety of products to cover all the body industry needs and are specially designed to provide protection against impacts, humidity, corrosion and chemical agents. Thanks to the low weight of Steeliner’s sheets, there are savings of fuel and energy in transportation and decrease of emissions to the environment.

With a wide variety of applications such as dry box for delivery cars, medium and big trucks, refrigerated trucks, buses, ambulances and many others, Steeliner is the adequate plastic sheet for every requirement of the customers.